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Atlas Resin Proppants

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Better Sand. Better Chemistry. Better Proppants.

Why Pump Atlas Proppants?

Better Sand.

For years, we've been telling customers that we have the best sand. But others claim that, too, right? Where others tell you to just “trust us”, we're actually going to show you why ours is the best, and why that means you'll get better proppants and better conductivity from Atlas.

To better understand why we’re the best, you should understand our roots. In 2005, Atlas was formed in partnership with our sister company, Badger Mining Corporation. Badger is well-known as one of the most experienced and reputable suppliers of raw silica sand proppants to the industry. This partnership gives us exclusive access to their highly sought-after Northern White silica sand to use as our substrate. To appreciate the value of that, it is good to know Badger’s history.

Having Badger as our only source of raw sand, means our proppants maintain consistency, and we can control and customize the Mean Particle Diameter used with each of our products. On the other hand, our competitors source their substrate from various suppliers and mines with different mineralogy and quality. When we show you a conductivity chart, you can rest assured it is accurate week-to-week, year-to-year, across the globe – your well's performance is worth it, and our competition simply cannot make that promise.

So, when you invest in proppants from Atlas, you know you're getting the quality product you expect and the consistency you need. It all starts with better sand.

Better Sand. Better Chemistry.

Resin coated proppants are not new, but the technology changes rapidly. Those changes can have a big impact on how your well performs. At Atlas, our Research & Development team is constantly pushing the limits of science and technology to explore new methods and formulations for our resin coating.

Our finely tuned manufacturing facilities and quality control systems ensure that, even as technology changes, you're getting the most advanced resin coated sand proppants available in the market.

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Better Proppants.

When you combine better sand, with better people and better chemistry, you end up with better proppants. Better proppants simply make your well perform better.

Let our long history speak for itself. As technology, environments, and markets change, Atlas will be here as your long-term partner. Few others can demonstrate that.

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