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Atlas Resin Proppants

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Better Sand. Better Chemistry. Better Proppants.

P.Hunter Erwin


Account Manager

Atlas Experience

Hunter joined the Atlas team in July of 2012 after working for Vinson Process Controls for three years. He brings an attitude and level of energy that is second to none in the Oil and Gas Industry. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University where he excelled not only in the world of academia but intermural athletics as well. Taking Athlete of the Year a record six consecutive times, Hunter is as quoted as saying “lots of people go to college for six years, only one has won athlete of the year six times.”

Hunter is proud to be a member of the Atlas team: "My Atlas experience has been amazing. We have the hardest working sales team in the business, the very best customer service, and the best R&D lab in the industry. Combined with a leadership team with over 500 years of experience (mostly thanks to Dan) we are the premier provider of resin coated sand in the world!"


Hunter lives in Dallas with his wife and two boys. When he is not chasing kids or changing diapers he loves to hunt and fly fish. Hunter hung up his cleats upon graduation but still loves to play any sport, anytime. He is a passionate supporter of The Red Raiders, Stars, Mavericks, Rangers and still believes in America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys.