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Atlas Resin Proppants

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Better Sand. Better Chemistry. Better Proppants.

Adam Katz


Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Atlas Experience

After completing his degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Purdue University, Adam spent 4+ years at Schlumberger rising through the ranks from Field Engineer to Field Service Manager in Well Production Services (Stimulation). In July of 2009, Adam joined the Atlas team and played a key role in Atlas’ rapid growth over the last several years. Adam accepted a new set of challenges after being promoted to VP Sales and Marketing in November of 2012, and in his own words, “is excited everyday by the opportunity to lead a hard-working, intelligent and creative team aligned with the goal of satisfying our customers and delivering value.”


My hobbies have taken a backseat since taking on the challenge of leading the Sales, Customer Service and Distribution teams at Atlas all while working on my MBA at the University of Minnesota (Class of 2014!) When I do have time, I play as much soccer as my body (and wife – Doctor’s orders and all) will permit, but my guilty pleasure is parking in front of the television watching my Detroit and Purdue sports teams or just about anything HBO puts out on Sunday nights!