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Atlas Resin Proppants

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Better Sand. Better Chemistry. Better Proppants.

Chad Blancett


Account Manager

Atlas Experience

Chad started with Atlas in December 2012. Prior to joining the Atlas team, Chad received his BA in Political Science from University of Houston – Downtown where he was awarded the Political Science student of the year award. After graduating he was pressured by many groups to run for Congress but was quoted as saying, “While serving in Congress would be a great experience, it would simply interfere with my primary goal; selling the best resin coated proppant in the industry.”

But before he could get to that goal, Chad went and obtained 7 years of inside sales experience at DXP Enterprises. After dominating Bearing and Power Transmission sales at DXP, he moved on to Atlas in December of 2012 and joined the best sales and customer service team in the industry.


After winning Junior Golfer of the Year in ’91 AND ’92 Chad felt it was important for him to spread his knowledge and skill. That is why, when he isn’t out selling the best resin coated proppant, you can find him on the lynx giving lessons. His client list includes Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy. Tiger credits his short game skills to Chad’s patience and expertise.*

*Of course, these are his fictional clients, in the story he's writing called 'Golfing with Greatness: Semi-True Stories of Pro Golfers' Envy of Chad Blancett.'