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Joe Cessar


Account Manager

Atlas Experience

Before we tell you about Joe, we have to preface this by saying he is a wicked-smart math guy who also happens to be great at working with clients. Surprised? We were, too. That's why we snatched him up in 2013 and provide him with full access to our corporate carpool service, and an unlimited supply of No.2 pencils.

Ok, maybe we offered him a little bit more. In all seriousness though...

In 2005 Joe began his Oil and Gas career with Baker Hughes in Denver. Joe is a graduate of Regis University with a degree in Mathematics with a minor in Business. While working at Baker Hughes, Joe pursued his Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting at Regis University and graduated in 2011. With Baker Hughes, Joe worked in the Rocky Mountain region, before he advanced his career and moved to Alaska. There, Joe was the Sales Manager for all Drilling & Evaluation Product lines (Directional Tools, Drill Bits, Fluids, and Wireline). Joe joined Atlas Resin Proppants in June 2013 and is the Account Manager for the Rocky Mountain Region and Canada.


Having lived in Denver and Alaska, Joe is accustomed to being outdoors. He enjoys fishing, playing golf (read: taking lessons from Chad), shooting sporting clays, cross country skiing, and biking. Joe also loves spending time with his family.